September 17, 2013

Decisions Decisions....

Being pregnant has made me one of the most indecisive people in the world!  On top of that it's the absolute worst time to be indecisive, there are so many decisions to be made...

What color to paint the nursery, which crib, what color, which glider, what stroller, which is the safest, what baby bedding, should I do a bumper or not, window treatments, changing table, closet organization... Okay you get the idea, the list is endless!  I would drive myself insane if I tried to list it all!

One of the decisions I've been agonizing over is the crib bedding.  Originally I was set on ordering this set from etsy.  I was going to change the colors to gray, white and yellow, but now I'm just undecided!

Baby Bedding By JBD
If I order this bedding, I will always have to use plain sheets (white girl problems) since there's a pattern on the bumper... The elephant pattern is my absolutely favorite and I'm also loving another giraffe pattern., see below:

I think I've decided just to go with a a colorful patterned sheet and incorporate the elephant and giraffe pattern into pillows and other pieces of the room - what do you think?


I'm drapes in the patter below in Yellow. They are only $45 for a pair, which is even a better price than I've seen in stores:

Opinions anyone? Suggestions?  Anyone want to make these decisions for me??


  1. OMG...this was seriously the same patterns I had picked out before I fell in love with the other fabrics I found. The elephant pattern we were gonna use for a boy and the giraffe for a girl. You can still do them and just not get the bumper since they have to be taken off in a few months anyways. I opted for a teething guard to go around the edge of the crib for when he is able to stand and naw on it! Either way the room will be adorable and perfect!!

  2. decisions are hard!I felt the same way! i used that elephant print in grey for our curtains and blankets/pillows and love it!

  3. I love both. We registered for grey and yellow chevron sheets and I'm making the bedding. I'm definitely using more pattern. I think I'm using a navy and white graphic pattern for the bumper pad with green binding and navy blue chevron for the crib skirt.


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