September 11, 2013

22 Week Bumpdate

Ideally all of my bumpdate pictures would be with the Chalkboard and in the same outfit, but that just doesn't seem to be happening... Either way, I wanted to put together a collage of my growing bump - ENJOY!

Size of Baby: I stopped keeping track, I think a papaya or something?

Weight Gain: Bleep Bloop Dah Dee Dah, what was the question again?

Stretch Marks: None, I've been lubing up with Cocoa Butter Every Night!

Maternity Clothes:  All Maternity clothes except for a couple of dresses that I can still make work

Gender:  BOY!!!

Movement:  Mostly at night!

Sleep:  Good, our cat Ben seems to be having more trouble sleeping than I do! He's up scratching the walls, whining, just wanting attention for some reason

Missing:  This week I must say a Margarita!

Loving:  My Bump and the fact that people can actually tell that I'm pregnant now!

Craving:  Drumsticks, ya know the ice cream ones with the chocolate and Nuts - YUMMY!!

Feeling: Good, although my first real pregnancy symptom has really kicked in.  I'm having a lot of pain in my lower back.  It's getting more difficult to get up and down!

Looking Forward: I can't wait for my first baby shower, October 18th!

Best Moment(s): Seeing the nursery come together and feeling the baby move more and more

I also want to take a minute to remember all the victims of 9/11.  I can't believe it was 12 years ago today, it honestly seems just like yesterday!  

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  1. So cute! So fun that you already have a shower coming up! Yay!!


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