June 13, 2013

I wish I was on Summer Break....

Somedays I sit in my officle wondering what it would be like to be a kid again.  Three whole months of vacation during the best months of the year with absolutely nothing to do!  All you have to worry about is what's for lunch, when are my floaties going to be blown up, what is for snack and what time is Clarissa Explains it All?  Who remembers this show?? It was one of my all time faves!

My goal when I was little was to be on Figure it Out, ya know the game show from Nickelodeon? I wanted to save the most chewed gum and put it in a giant jar!  How disgusting is this?  I actually did start saving chewed up gum in an empty candy jar and then realized that I was quickly running out of gum and my mom refused to buy me anymore, #Failure.

Even though I'm not a kid anymore and have to work in summer it still is one of my favorite times of the year! I love walking outside on a warm summer evening to the smell bbq and chlorine!  Combine that with the sounds of locusts screeching and lawn mowers grazing across blades of grass, it's just amazing!  Nothing beats the smells and sounds of summer!

However, sometimes the smells can be quite unpleasant, think about wearing a suit in 100 degree weather and walking into your office building. You better keep your suit jacket on otherwise it's sure to release the odors of your sopping wet skin.  Keep the smell locked in, just a tip from the wise AKA myself...

Okay, enough about being stinky! Another reason summer is my favorite is maxi dresse.  They are essentially like being able to wear nightgowns in public and who wouldn't want to do that? Plus no one can see your chubby thighs rubbing together, win-win for everyone! Seriously been wanting some of theses dresses from Kiki La'Rue, but have yet to purchase anything...  Which one is your fave?

All Images are from Kiki La'Rue and this post IS NOT sponsored, I just love this shop and need make my first purchase!  Help Me Decide!!!!


  1. i really like the black one-the pop of pink is perfect.

    i love the sounds of summer too... esp the lawn mowers, the beach, seagulls, and those pesky birds, grasshoppers, cicada bugs... love it all!

  2. I love the last one. I don't typically love maxis, but that one keeps calling my name. And I love KLR!

  3. Great to catch up on your blog again and I had to laugh because sometimes I definitely wonder what it would be like to be a kid again and I totally remember that show Clarissa Explains it All. hehe

    Nice post and I love the Maxi dresses for summer!


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