March 21, 2013

What motivates you? 30 Miles in 30 Days

Most of you don’t know this, but I went on a little ski trip back in February.  If you've been skiing before you know that it’s a pretty physical sport.  Walking around in the heavy ski boots, carrying your skis, skiing down the mountain… The list could go on and on…

Well, it was this little trip that made me realize how incredibly out of shape I was.  Not only that, but I had a serious sinus infection and combined with the thin air I was feeling pretty miserable the whole time.  I love skiing, but for some reason my body just kicked my butt this last trip.

So, when I got home I still wasn’t feeling motivated to do anything until I saw that Nikki was hosting a blog challenge 30 Miles in 30 Days.  At first I was hesitant to officially commit, what if I failed?? I’ve never fully committed to a fitness challenge and quite frankly I wasn’t sure if it was anything I could even do.  I commented on Nikki’s posted saying “Wow I think I might do this” then got an email from her saying “DO IT”.  It was those 2 little words that pushed me into getting fit again.

I’m happy to report that as of Sunday (Day 17 of the challenge) I broke 30 miles and am at 32 miles and going strong.  I’m pushing myself to run further and faster each time I get on the treadmill.

Here's what my workout schedule looked like:
Saturday: Ran 1 mile, run/walk next 2 = Total 3 miles
Sunday: Went to gym and I know I did the treadmill, but can't remember how far (guess it doesn't count...)
Monday: Run on treadmill / ran first 2 miles, run/walk next 3.25 = Total 5.25
Tuesday: 1 Hour Body Combat
Wednesday: 1 Hour Turbo Kickboxing

Total Miles: 32!!!

Not only am I committed to the challenge, but I’m also taking 1 hour classes, including Body Combat, Zumba and Turbo Kickboxing.  I feel better than I’ve felt in an entire year!  I’m overall just a happier person and seem to get a lot more accomplished when I’m working out even though 1 – 2 hours is taken out of my day and spent at the gym.

Since I’ve already accomplished the 30 miles I decided I want to keep myself motivated and go for 90 Miles in 90 Days.  Anyone else want to keep this challenge going??


  1. SO PROUD OF YOU! You are getting it and definitely kicking my booty with your miles!

  2. oh this is excellent!! congrats on this goal and we all know you can totally do 90 in 90!!! looking forward to the progress updates!

    ps love your cat in your body shot photo :)

  3. That's awesome Alisa!!! Good for you. Keep up the good work. I'm doing a link up next thursday. HOpe to see you there.


  4. Way to go! I'm in on the extended challenge! This has been the motivation I needed. It's awesome having you girls to do this matter where we're located!

  5. Way to go! I think several of us are in on extending the challenge! It's been great doing it and getting to know everyone!

  6. this is the push I needed! I am in! let the challenge begin!!!

  7. that is awesome - way to go!!

  8. Way to go girl! Keep up the great work!!!

  9. Dang! way to go girl!!! Your motivation is inspiring. Your ski trip sounds like fun! I have always wanted to go and learn, but just haven't made it yet. It's on my bucket list! Newest follower btw! Happy Friday!

  10. You go girl! i have been on a journey to better health as well and it has been such a great experience to feel my body get stronger!!!

  11. This is something I am definitely interested in trying! I was on a running kick about 2 weeks but quickly got out of it once I didn't sleep well for one night which set me off for the whole week. At least that was my excuse. I really want to get back out there on the road and this is a great way to start! I am interested in following along as you progress:)


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