February 19, 2013

Kate Spade, Kittens and The Bachelor

I know, I"m a little late on this post, but I have some really random stuff for you! Enjoy...

I did a little bit of shopping this weekend at a new outlet mall! I've been obsessing over everything Kate Spade for quite some time, but have never been willing to pay for my addiction! I went to the Kate Spade outlet this weekend and found this tote for 40% Off then an additional 20% Off! SCORE!!! That made this one of the best bargains I've found in a while ringing in at only $56 BUCKS / Originally $286!

For some reason my little kitty Ben is really attached to me and is constantly cuddling with me (which I of course love)! I decided to try and act like him and of course take a Selfie!

So my Monday night TV line-up is a little Cray Cray, if at all possible these are all the shows I would watch, but I don't have enough time!!

The Bachelor (1st Priority, obvi)
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Vanderpump Rules
Teen Mom 2 
Kourtney and Kim take Miami

Trying to watch all 5 shows in one night is nearly impossible! I chose to watch The Bachelor and switch between Kourtney and Kim, then watched Teen Mom 2 afterwards.  Needless to say my Monday nights are pretty much booked #Loser!

The run down on The Bachelor I missed the first 30 minutes, but for some reason I feel like I really didn't miss anything!  

Sean goes on Hometown dates with all the girls, for some reason I'm really starting to like The Girl that Wore the Wedding Dress on the first night.  Her voice is becoming less and less annoying and she seems to get prettier and prettier.  I was a little afraid for Sean to meet her dad, but it seems like they got along just fine!  I though Sean dressing up like a soldier was super cheesy, but whateves....

Next he goes to see Des and she plays a prank on him and pretends like her ex boyfriend shows up (she hired an actor)... My mom and I were texting and I told her that everyone was acting, I was right on track, because it was a PRANK!

Then it's time for Sean to meet the fam! I found it weird that they went to Des's house, instead of her parents.  Her BROTHER made tonight interesting.  He tells Sean that he's a "playboy"and doesn't believe in the process, basically he doesn't want her to get hurt.  This show is so fake that this is truly the only real moment I've ever seen on The Bachelor.  

Photo Credit ABC via Wenn
Unfortunately for Des, she should have listened to her brother because she gets sent home!

Photo credit ABC Via Wenn
So far I've only watched part of Teen Mom 2, but here's what I've got so far..

Chelsea hooks up with Adam after her Mirena fell out  - Girl Haven't you learned your lesson???
Leah has a Miscarriage - but if you follow her on Twitter, she is married to Jeremy, pregnant with him AGAIN and due in March
Kailyn hits Joe - also, if you follow her, she is know married to her current bf on the show (can't remember his name!)

I'm telling you this show is SO MUCH more interesting than The Bachelor! This is some real Shiznit!

Okay kittens, that's it for now... Until next time!!!

Also, check out my girl Kali's blog, she's talking all things Bachelor Too!



  1. I don't watch the bachelor but I always really like reading your recap!

  2. What a deal on that Kate Spade bag, and I love RHOBH too :-) Good quality TV!

  3. I think that Sean doesn't take criticism very well. He is dating 4 women after all. And he is planning on hurting them.



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