February 5, 2013

Girl Talk Tuesday: Life Lessons From The Bachelor

Do you feel like you need to drink a glass a bottle of wine just to make it through The Bachelor?  In all honesty I'm really not that into Sean and he is boring the crap outta me, but Tierra is making an honest effort to keep me entertained!!!

My friend told me that she saw Sean out in Dallas on NYE and he's not even that cute.. I'm not really into Albino guys, however I am into abs, so I think that's what has kept me coming back for more this season!

I just want to recap from tonight a few things I learned tonight!

Life Lessons From the Bachelor

HAHAHA - I'm a crazy, Manipulative Byotch, I can't believe Sean believes this load of bull....
I'm gonna chug that goat milk like its my job - Leslie #Hashtag Losing

Losers are sometimes winners! // Shown by Sean inviting the blue team to spend the evening with with him and the red team after they lost.  No name bangs girl was not happy after she chugged goat milk for Sean and she still didn't get the rose!

If you want to get engaged for free just contact The Bachelor // Thank you Neil Lane and Jarrod for sponsoring yet another engagement, WE GET IT Neil Lane!!! 99% of the world can never afford one of your rings, keep reminding us of this!

If u dont understand what a white albino {aka Sean} says just start smiling and say squee eeeeggg yeeeee - Catherine

How is it possible to sit on each other's laps?  Isn't it just one person sitting on the other person's lap?  I'm really confused by this statement!?!?

If you want to make a girl stop crying just stick your tongue in her mouth and make disgusting lip-smacking noises...

If you are REAL and GENUINE {aka willing to suck my face at all times} then you will get A rose!!!! Seriously Sean if you say this one more time I'm going to throw up! You have no idea who is real and genuine, good luck figuring this one out...

Tell a guy that you are so so scared because of your heart... You will have him eating out of the palms of your hand!! Seriously... #Tierra

Don't talk shit on your competition in front of your man.  Men DO NOT find this attractive...

Last, but not least, the random fact of the day -- You know ur an alcoholic when u spill ur wine all over your couch and don't care because there's wine all over your couch, but because you wasted wine.... #Winning/#Wining! Haha, get it????

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  1. LOL! Oh the Bachelor. So bad, yet so good!!

  2. lol. Nice recap. I was getting so frustrated watching last night. It's so annoying that Sean's complaining that he doesn't know if Tierra is "real" or not but EVERYONE in the house is telling him to ditch her.


  3. Lol all of this is straight perfection. I honestly thought last nights episode was a little boring.. I'm hoping tonights episode will be much better!


  4. I loved Sean in Emily's season but you're right, he is boring this time around. Tierra is a strange one. Her smile gets way out of hand haha ugh!

  5. This was so funny! Hit the nail on the head in oh so many ways...

  6. I don't even watch The Bachelor, and I was completely amused by this post. I about died at the, "If you want to make a girl stop crying just stick your tongue in her mouth and make disgusting lip-smacking noises" part. Hilarious.


  7. OMG you are so funny! I can't stand Tierra! She is completely cray-cray! Following you from the blog hop. Hope you follow back :)

  8. so funny! i love the bachelor but there is so much crazy drama!!

  9. new follower and GFC blog hopper. You are hilarious! This was the best recap of the bachelor I have EVER read! I appreciate a good laugh. These girls are cray cray!

  10. Somehow I loved Sean on Emily's season...now I'm just bored out of my mind!! But Tierra is definitely entertaining. loved the recap haha

    xo Olivia

  11. I just watched last nights episode. I'm anxious to watch tonights episode for some more Tierra drama!! She plays the victim so much and I don't see how Sean could NOT see that!!

  12. I think Sean has to keep the crazy for like x amount of episodes. The producers love good drama... keeps us all talking about it. But seriously, bitch be crazy!!! I kinda think Sean's an idiot... but a cute idiot, so I see the charm. haha. I talked about the bachelor today on the blog too. It's good drama. :)

  13. I loved it when crazy laughing freak ( Tierra) opened up about having to "be there" for her X who was in rehab for 5 years and Sean asked, "Alcohol and Drug rehab?" Like what kind of rehab did he think it was? Sex rehab? Hoarding rehab? Crazy laughing rehab? I need to get away from Tierra rehab?

    I wrote a whole bit about Sean's slug of a tongue last week. He needs to come with a tongue depressor. I have noticed that they are trying a bit more to angle the camera away from that mess, but seriously as soon as he starts in I have to look away from the TV. How can a guy be that big of a turn off when he is kissing?

    Honestly, it's everything I can do to keep watching. I think I need more wine.


  14. Omg Tierra is crazy... just shows how much guys can be manipulated as well. I had to take a break from watching until she gets voted off because it's just too much for me :/


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