January 21, 2013

Girl Talk Tuesday: A few facts and The Bachelor

Linking up with Helene and Whitney for Tell Me About it Tuesday and Facts Of Me (plus a little a lot of Bachelor info).

I'm scared of staying home by myself, I literally sleep with one eye open

I have 2 kittens and I'm slowly becoming a crazy cat lady

I get scared when my cats stare into thin air, are they looking at Ghosts?

I Lurve ALL trashy reality shows (bachelor recap below)

I've been wearing the same sweats and top every single night! Eww...

I spend way too much time sitting on my A** , thankfully I have a really comfy couch

I hate showering on Sundays

I sometimes facebook stalk people, like in an unhealthy way

I go to Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Target atleast 3 - 4 times a week

Wannabe Baker

I'm obsessed with a Bargain even if it's something I don't need

If my skin color could be PINK I would make it happen

Okay now it's time for some Girl Talk AKA Bachelor trash talk!

I used to consistently do Girl Talk Tuesday, but somehow fell off the bandwagon.  Well folks I'm bringing it back, so here it goes! FOREWARNING: I'm mostly going to be talking about Trashy reality  TV aka The Bachelor, Teen Mom, RHBH, etc, etc...

I'm slacking a little because I didn't post my recap of The Bachelor last week, so here are a few quick tidbits:
  • Nubby went on a pity date with Sean, jumped off the building with him and got a rose... She seriously needs to stop talking about her 1 arm, I forget about it then she brings it up again and I notice...
  • Group Date: the girls get to model for a trashy romance book cover and THE MODEL girl wins, even though she doesn't get the group date rose, that was saved for Kacie B.
  • Unmemorable people go home, now on to this week....

Episode 3 Breakdown

One-On-One: Leslie and Sean go on a one-on-one and break the record for world's longest on-screen kiss!  I was thinking it was 3 hours, but then saw that it was only 3 minutes! Hell-o I could totally break that record just send a camera crew my way.  Leslie gets the rose.  I'm thinking she is going to be top 4! Oh and not to mention I lurved her White lace dress with the open back, she looked gorge!

Sean looks like an Open-Mouthed Seal Face in this pic!  I don't even know what that means, but it's the first thing I thought when I saw this...

Source: wetpaint.com via Mitzi on Pinterest

Group Date: Beach Time! The girls frolic in the sand and play some foosball football and whoop like coyotes when Sean takes his shirt off {Okay, let's be real I would do the same}!  Of course it's not all fun and games, they get a volleyball tournament going!

PS - did anyone notice how fit these girls look in bathing suits!? Is it a requirement to have a 6-pack on this show?  They look much better than they can play volleyball, the were all terrible as -in they could barely get the ball over the net!

The team that lost gets sent home immediately and the tears start flowing! Winning team gets a chance to make their mark on Sean.

The girls desperately cling to Sean to make an impression.. Amanda is insane psycho byotch! I hope Sean see's through her soon!

Kacie B. outs Amanda and Desiree and Sean looks like a seal out-of-water when she is telling him.  He questions why she is the one outting them!  Her night ends in uncontrollable tears!

Lindsey gets the rose - who is this girl again? Wait, is she the one that wore a wedding dress on the first night?  I seriously can't even remember her face...

Poor "little doll" Tierra falls down the stairs {pry on purpose for attention} and refuses medical attention! She it T-T-T Trazy!!! She needs to go home, like immediately.  However she is drama and entertainment so maybe she should stay and play for a while!

Second One-On-One Date

Ash-lee is the chosen-one for the second one-on-one. WTF is she wearing? Her dress looks like my grandma's tablecloth! I would have to say this is lace gone wrong!

Since T-T-T Trazy falls down the stairs, she gets insane amounts of attention from Sean and cuts into Ash-lee's one-on-one time!

They close down Six Flags and take 2 girls with Chronic illnesses with them - is Sean really this sweet or is the show encouraging him to do this??

She gets a Rose.

Rose Ceremony
KacieB gets called out at the beginning and he gets rid of her
Taryn {unmemorable} and Kristy the Sock Bunning Model Go Home

Can't wait for Roller Derby next week, gonna be AMAZEBALLS! Looks like T-T-T-Trazy gets even crazier next week and I can't wait for the drama to ensue!

Longest POST EVER!!! OOPS, Sorry!


  1. I wear the same sweats a lot. A lot lot. That is hilarious that you Facebook stalk - at least you aren't afraid to admit it! And I am with you about the cats staring into thin air, I totally believe in ghosts and totally believe that's what they're looking at. And I say totally wayyyy too much.

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog. I can see so much personality here and reading this post made me laugh! I'm glad Kacie got sent home. I liked her on Bens season but she has been so sneaky and self centered this season, I didnt like that.


  3. love the bachelor and love food. yum to those desserts~!

  4. can't tell you how often my girl cat just stares up at the wall in the corner! it ALWAYS creeps me out. sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and shes sitting on my nighstand staring at ME! creep!

    your desserts look very professional! and i love a great bargain at marshalls any day too!

  5. Girl, I totally sleep/lounge in the same sweatpants for multiple days in a row. You can judge me, it's ok. I hate doing laundry THAT much.
    Also, being home alone is totally scary.

  6. When I did laundry yesterday, I had more sweatpants than work pants. Sweats are awesome awesome awesome.

  7. we have so much in common! :) I hate showering on sundays and often do not. I wear the same sweats and tee so many times in a row. and love reality tv, especially the bachlor!

  8. I swear we could be personality twins! When my dogs stare at the walls and start growling I get so freaked out their seeing ghosts LOL! And for the reality shoes, Honey boo boo is as trashy as it gets and I'm not even ashamed to say it's my favorite!

    xo Sam

  9. Ah I love Bachelor recaps haha so funny, I'm addicted, too. I miss watching in a group wiht my girlfriends though and no one in Germany wants to watch with me. Sean seriously made me melt that whole episode though. And I'm picking Leslie? (kiss girl) to win it all.

  10. Um, I love cats too. My husband and I have 4. Yes, 4. I think that my cats stare into space just to get me to look, and then when I do look, they look away. I think they do it to mess with me. :)

  11. Thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday. I can't believe we have so much in common. I'm scared to stay in my house alone too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good deal and have a hard time passing it up...even if I don't need it too. I also love trashy reality tv. The bachelor is probably my favorite. I also wear the same pj pants and old t-shirt almost every night. I do wash them a few times a week, but still...not every day...my poor husband :).


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