January 24, 2013

Bathroom Makeover: Under $200

It's amazing what a little paint and new linens can do for a bathroom!  I've been wanting to re-do our spare bathroom for quite a while and finally decided to take the plunge {literally}... What would a bathroom Makeover be without Pinterest?  Of course that was my first go-to source for a little inspiration. Not to brag or anything, but I actually think my bathroom turned out better than my inspiration.

Final Product!!

Unfortunately I didn't get before pics until we had already taped and started painting.  Atleast you can see most of the transformation.
And the Transformation Revealed:

Paint: Home Depot  // Behr Paint and Primer in One $33 in Annonymous
Shower Curtain: Target // $19.99
Shower Curtain Rod: Walmart  // $15
Curtain Hooks: Walmart // $1.99
Shelves: Target // $19.99 each
Grass decoration: Ikea // $19.99
Round Mirror: Pack of 3 from Ross // $11.99
Lantern: Ikea // $4
Small white vases: Michaels // $2 each
Frame {Old from Kohsl} Came in a package of collage frames from Black Friday
Clock: Ikea // $5.99
Basket: Hobby Lobby $11.99 + 40% Off // $8.99
Towel Hooks: Hobby Lobby // $2.50 each
Towels: Walmart // $3.99 each
Picture Frame: Hobby Lobby// $10
Beach Prints: From our trip to St. Thomas // $10 for 2 8X10's
White Rug: From my mom // FREE
Hand Towel Rack: Ross // $4.99
Toothbrush Holder: Ross // $3.49

Total Cost: $186.41

Originally I was wanting to redo the bathroom for less than $100, but quickly realized that wasn't going to happen.  So I went over Budget by $86, I still feel pretty good about that.  Redoing an entire bathroom for under $200 is pretty amazing.

What do you think of my bathroom remodel??  If you like it, I kindly ask that you pin it! I will love you forever!  Pwetty please!!!

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  1. Looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing it.

    Kids Games

  2. OMG, I LOVE it! It looks fantastic!!

  3. That looks so gorgeous! Great job. The items on the shelves look so good together-- what a great find with those Michael's vases. :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. That looks so good! I def. like yours better than the original pin...especially that shower curtain!

  5. this turned out so great! i might need to get one of those little plants from ikea too. great work!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  6. Super cute! You did a great job! And for such little cost! :)

    Amber @bookgeekspeaks.blogspot.com

  7. So cute! Love the color.

    Lisa @ SororityLifeArmyWife.blogspot.com

  8. Very pretty! I agree, looks even better than the inspiration pic!

  9. It looks so good!!! You did a really great job and for so little money!

  10. LOVEEEEEEEEE IT! I have that pin and I love that idea of those shelves!! So cute! i wish I could paint, but living in apartment..limits me! :(

    Great job lady!

  11. I love the wall color and shelves!

  12. i love the wall color, floating shelves, and the shower curtain. you did good, girl.

  13. This looks amazing and I love the shelves! Our master bedroom/bath are painted in a very similar color (little more grayish/brown), and we have that same fabric for our curtains...we also got at Target. We don't need a shower curtain because we have frosted shower doors, but I did hang the curtains in our bathroom as well :)

  14. I love everything about your bathroom. The paint color is perfect!


  15. Your bathroom looks amazing, and I love the colors you chose~

  16. I love it, it looks so much better. Can't believe you did it for such low budget!!

    Janine xx
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  17. This looks amazing! Great job!

  18. Great job!! Looks fresh and new!

  19. So pretty! You did a great job! :)

  20. It's practically identical! You did such a great job!!
    Love the shower curtain print and die for the slate blues and greys with such dark shelves and white accessories. Love it!!

  21. Dark tones are the new elegant white for bathrooms! I really find black, gray and dark brown stylish nowadays. These color tones bring out a new mood for bathrooms that we usually see in white backdrops. You did a great job in looking for inspiration and working on your own!

  22. WOW- this is gorgeous! I can't believe is was under $200! It looks so chic and cozy- such a difference from your "before" photos! Any other makeovers in your future? I'd love to see them!

  23. It really is amazing how choosing the right colors can make a big difference. I love your choice of inspiration and how you were able to execute it. It’s also great that you also tried incorporating your own idea by using a green curtain to match the plant and not just copy everything from Pinterest. =)

    Lida Swisher

  24. this is stunning!! using as my inspiration to decorate when I move this summer!

  25. The cheapest way to remodeling a bathroom would be adding shelves, putting more display pieces and curtains. Here, you proved that bathroom remodeling doesn't need to be expensive and over-the-top. I love your new bathroom design! :)


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