December 14, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear Friday,

Wtf are these shoes? Are the girls in da club wearing these nowadays and I'm just too old to know that these are actually cool?

Do you know that Christmas is only 11 days away? Holy shizznit, I need to get my christmas shopping done!

Is anyone else finding it extremely difficult not to buy yourself every single thing you see? It's so hard because there are so many good deals out there, but seriously I need absolutely nothing!!

I did however buy myself this Francesca's bracelet last weekend and my mom said she was planning on buying it for me.. Oops, oh well, this stupid bracelet already broke.  Has anyone else found that the quality of Francesca's clothing and jewelry is complete crap??? I've had a necklace break, this bracelet break, a shirt rubbed all of it's color off onto my white purse and 2 others shirts got snags after one wear...

Has anyone else tried this cotton candy drink from Pinterest? It definitely tastes more like Pineapple juice, but still tasty, kinda like a mini party in my mouth!

Source: via Trisha on Pinterest
Seriously considering doing this to my hair for Christmas...

Have a fantabulous weekend!!  Does anyone have any fun plans?  My weekend will probably consist of cleaning, laundry, wrapping gifts and any possible Christmas activity that I can find to participate in!


  1. I love your blog and those shoes look like an ankle sprain waiting to happen! Have an amazing weekend!

  2. I love that bracelet, you can never go wrong with Francesca's! Those shoes? I would hurt myself and probably drag someone else down with me. I don't get it! Happy weekend honey!

  3. how do girls walk in those shoes?? its just nuts!

    i never shopped at francesca's but all their stuff always looks so pretty! how are they price-wise?

    im having a VERY hard time not buying things for myself.. ive been trying to be really good but theres just too many tempting things out there! i've come to the conclusion i need to stay OUT of the stores!

  4. I saw another wearing these shoes in bright yellow. How. Do. You. Walk? Crazy!

  5. Those shoes would make me do an ass-over-tea kettle! I think I fell down just looking at them!

  6. Um, I would love you even more than I already do if you rock that Rudolph bun. Hilarious!

  7. Girl, if you go for the gold with that better take pictures!!! I love it. And seriously, WTF with those ghetto shoes....LOL!!

  8. Those shoes are terrible! Haha!! Ooh I really want to try that drink, it sounds so yum.

  9. Laughing hysterically over that reindeer bun! Maybe I will wear it to work this week! Now following your blog :)

  10. I try not to buy anything before Christmas or Birthday, because the hubs runs out of ideas if I buy it all myself. Whoops! Now I want to try a reindeer bun...

  11. those shoes are crazy! and you should take that bracelet back!


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