November 29, 2012

Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List

1. Belt C. Wonder 
2. Kate Spade Earrings
3. MICHAEL Michael Kors chronograph watch
4. Tory Burch genuine leather boots
5. Stella & Dot Renegade Cluster Ring
6. J.Crew Sequin Shirt 
7. Pave Heart Ring JCrew
8. J.Crew Glitter iPhone case JCrew

No, I do not expect to receive all if any of these items, that's why it's labeled "Wish List". 

Did you know that those Tory Burch riding boots are on sale for $350? Is it crazy that I would even consider buying them now that they're on sale? Maybe someone cough cough my husband will buy them for me for Christmas. Haha! It's just an idea....

What's on your Wish List?

PS - Can someone please help me get rid of the boxes around all my images.  I've googled it and tried a hundred different things, but it NEVER works!


  1. Love that JCrew top, I want! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am definitely now following yours :)

  2. I love all of this! Especially those earrings. I have that phone cover, but it's CaseMate brand and it was only $15 on Amazon! I have a pink and gold glitter one.

  3. Really perfect Wish List. Have a nice day.

  4. Oh you and I are on the same wave link girl. Love your list!! I'm not sure about the box on your set. Did you try going to the boarders section in Polyvore and playing around with those? Sorry I'm not much help:)

  5. Great list and I love the kitty pic in the last post. Such a cute blog! Perhaps we can follow each other?

    XO - Lulu

  6. Great list, Alisa! I also have a Michael Kors watch and Frye riding boots on my list. :) You're right, that's why it's called a "wish" list.

  7. I have been ridiculously obsessed with that polka dotted sequin top from J.Crew for a couple weeks now. I love it so much, I might have to purchase an(other) early Christmas present! ;)

    Fizz and Frosting

  8. Hi Alisa!

    I LOVE your wish list!! Those Tory Burch are gorgeous! The leopard print belt is so cute too!



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