November 9, 2012

Friday Faves - A Brush you MUST HAVE!!!

I haven't linked-up for Friday Faves in quite some time, but this is definitely one of my favorite posts to write!!

Favorite Brush

$11.99 at Target Click Here to Buy - that might seem a little high for a brush, but TRUST ME, it's worth it!  I can dry my hair in 6 minutes with this sucker and before it at least took me 10 - 15 mins... My mom and a friend already purchased one and they love it too!  They also have a half round brush and round brush which I intend on also buying!

Disclosure: Goody is not paying me for this post, if they want to I would be more than happy to accept it! 

Favorite Bargain
Steve Madden purse from Ross $39.99

Favorite Video
One of my kitties is constantly sticking his tongue out and I just think this is the funniest video I've ever seen!

Favorite Pin

Source: via Alisa on Pinterest

What are YOUR Friday Faves?  
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love that purse, I wish I had Ross stores around me. But I fear they would get me in trouble!

  2. I have been eyeing that brush for a while now... guess I am going to have to breakdown and buy one! Thanks for the follow... I am not following you as well! Have a great weekend girlfirend!

  3. Haha love all of these! And I WILL be buying that brush!

  4. ughh that purse is to die for! so jealous that i don't have a ross near me!!

    xo michelle

  5. My blog partner in crime wrote a post about that very same brush a few weeks ago. Looks like I need to try it too! Hope you have a great weekend--thanks for being one of our newest followers!

  6. that steve madden bag is pretty, and haha there are a lot of cool crafts you can do with the corks!

  7. OH WOW. That brush is genius!!!!!!!!!!!! My hair doesn't take TOO long to dry but it is looooong and any help that I can get would be appreciated :-) And that someecard about the wine corks has been my favorite one for a long time too-- I have a stash of corks, TRYING to grow in size just for a craft ;-)

  8. Ha! I love the wine quote! And I LOVE that bag!

  9. I've seen that brush before... but it kind of puzzles me. How does it work?

    That bag is a beaut! I love Ross... especially for bags and shoes!

  10. I saw this brush on Pinterest!!! I am going to grab one this weekend! Thanks for letting me know Target has them...Reason #527 of why I love that store!!

  11. Love that bag! Super cute and great price!!

  12. I just bought that bag this week from Ross! It is the perfect size, color, and price!

  13. umm i have not ever heard of this brush. It seems magical and I need one!!! Love the purse too, great find!

  14. I'd never heard of that brush... genius.

    Happily following you now from the "friends" hop. I'd so love it if you'd join me at where we're riding the wave of life together, one adventure at a time.

    I wanted to personally invite you too to join me and our beautiful team for An Aloha Affair-- it's a new sort of way of being/ growing together in a more meaningful way and we're truly committed to you having a great experience-- I hope you'll join us... save ya a spot?...


  15. thanks for the brush recommendation! great steal on the purse!

  16. That brush looks like a brilliant invention. Thinking I might go to Target tomorrow to see if they sell it in the store!

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