September 6, 2012

Sometimes I like being a Lazy B*ISCH!

That's right, you heard it.  I'm just trying to enjoy the last of summer by soaking up all the happy hours that I possibly can!

I think at this point I just want to maintain my weight and not gain.... Is that such a bad goal to have?

I've been eating lean cuisine panini's for lunch everyday with some fruit and also eating a healthy breakfast, it's the best that I can do right now!

I would really like to start going to the gym again, but I've just been so lazy, I literally CAN NOT get my butt there.  I feel like the hardest part is getting in the car and driving to the gym, not the actual workout! I know that sounds ridiculous, but I keep getting distracted with TV and Happy Hours!

Next week my mom is staying with my while my husband is out of town, so I KNOW she will get my butt outside and go walking, she's much more motivated than I am.

Can someone please just inspire and magically MAKE me go to the gym?  PRETTY PLEASE......

I hope all of you ladies are doing a better job at eating healthy and exercising than I am!  Maybe I should try something new like Hula Hoop Exercising, have you guys ever heard of this?  I wonder if it actually works??

I wish I  looked like this so I don't even have to worry about it anymore.  Ok, seriously though I'm never going to be a VS Model, but a girl can wish!  Maybe I will print this picture and put it all over my kitchen, so I remember to eat healthy :)

Since I'm probably not going to the gym any time soon, I will just spend my evenings relaxing and sipping on cocktails.

I'm linking up for this post!  I hope you all are doing a better job at losing weight than I am!
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  1. If it makes you feel any better, a recent study I read reported that men prefer women with curves to VS models. Just sayin. Also, I feel like weight loss is going to be a constant battle of see-saw for me/women in general. Just focus on being healthy! Sounds like you're eating right. :o)

  2. I used to eat Lean Cuisines for lunch everyy single day, and I think I want to go back to it. I've been eating out WAY too much, and even when you get something healthy, the portions can be ridiculous! Maybe that'll help me get on track with eating healthy...

    And I totally feel ya on ditching the gym for Happy Hours. Social life always wins out, right?

  3. Your mindset is my current mindset. Do you do classes at your gym? I try to make friends with the instructor and when I know they're expecting me, I'm a million times more likely to show up!

  4. Bahaha, I have been SOO lazy lately, I want to get up to go workout in the mornings and I've been sleeping in until the very last possible second instead. Oh well. Here's to becoming motivated again!

  5. Girl sometimes MAINTAINING is just as hard if not HARDER than actually loosing! If ya wanna be lazy for a few days it may be your bodys way of telling you it needs a break to rest.

    I like those lean cuisines! I usually take them for lunch at work.

  6. The get-up-and-go part is always the hardest thing to overcome! I hope I'll have some motivation after I have my baby, or else my lazy butt will continue to giggle for all eternity. :( HAHA

  7. The first part of my semester has gone well but has been sooooo busy that I have neglected the gym. This post reminds me of how badly I need to go.

  8. "I get distracted by TV and happy hours" favorite part of the post!

    It seems like we're all struggling to keep that routine! You're right...the hardest part is actually GETTING there! I had something pinned on my desk at work that said "I never regret it when I do it, but I always regret it when I dont." The background pic was a girl working out. That quote is so true! If I actually go to the gym, I always end up feeling so much better.

    I joined the linkup this week...we'll motivate each other!! Have you tried Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred?! It's awesome and it kicks your butt. Best part? You can do it at home in 30 minutes!

  9. I second the 30 Day Shred! Now if only I could motivate myself to do THAT...

  10. Enjoy it while you can ;) I'll take Marissa's abs, please and thank you!
    For couple of years now I've been joining a gym...just haven't found the perfect one yet haha. Or any type of exercise will do. It's just a matter of doing it and I haven't been motivated.

  11. Working out is simply the WORST!!! My husband and I are super unmotivated and all we like to do is watch tv together. I think it's time to start walking in the evening once it finally cools off. Why does weight loss have to be so difficult. Uggg.

  12. haha you are too cute! And right! The only work out I can handle is zumba since it doesn't really feel like working out :) Amen to happy hour!


  13. I hear ya lady! It's like, can't we just get in the dagn car?? you should checkout CrossFit. I love it, like seriously love it. but, Cheers to sipping cocktails & lean cuisines!

  14. I just walk on the treadmill on my lunch break at work. That's that's all I can be bothered to do. Haha


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