August 2, 2012

STOP being a LAZY B'ISH!

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From September of last year until April of this year I worked out at least 3 times a week.  I was going to the gym doing classes and I had so much motivation. I went on vacation in April to St. Thomas - pics can be seen HERE. After that I just lost motivation....

Here it is the beginning of August and I haven't been to the gym in nearly 2 - 3 months.  YES I'm paying for my membership and YES I've gained a few pounds...I finally went to the gym on Tuesday night and it felt great!

I thought about all the excuses I've made over the last few months and wanted to share them with you.
FOREWARNING: this list is long and it's OOZZING with SARCASM!
  • Too tired, only slept 8 hours
  • Class is too crowded
  • Too far to drive {The gym is 2 miles from my house}
  • Too hot, I don't like sweating after I leave the gym
  • People are going to stare at me because they will magically know I haven't been in a long time
  • My workout clothes are ugly
  • I need new shoes
  • I don't have matching socks
  • All my sports bras are dirty
  • I don't have any comfortable workout underwear
  • No water bottle and I don't want to spend $3 for one at the gym
  • I MIGHT want to make dinner, they gym will take up too much time
  • Showering at night is a hassle
  • My legs aren't shaved
  • I want to spend an extra hour sitting with my husband on the couch
  • I can't find any hair ties
  • Out of gas, I don't wanna have to stop and get gas on my way to the gym
  • I wish there was a class at 5:45, I don't wanna go at 6:30, that's too late
  • My favorite workout instructor is no longer there, I might as well stop going to the gym
  • For some reason my payment didn't automatically deduct, I don't wanna deal with that
  • My favorite show is on and I want to watch it LIVE, not on the DVR
  • If I go workout I will have to eat a snack and then dinner, I only want to eat dinner, not both
  • I've gained weight and people are going to see it all over my ASS
  • If I don't get there early enough I will have to be in the back of class, I would rather not go
  • The girl that goes to this class is annoying, I don't want to stand beside her
  • I already ate a TON  of candy, there's no point in working out
  • I didn't wash my hair this morning,i don't want to add sweat to it
  • I'd rather be blogging
Ok, I think the list could go on and on, I've made SO MANY excuses for myself it's RIDICULOUS!  I'm going to do my best to go to the gym at least 3 times a week.  This is my favorite motivational quote!

What excuses have you used to convince yourself not to go to the gym? 


  1. Oh man, oh MAN, does this sound like me!

    Except I can't even bring myself to get out of bed and go for a walk or run. So not only does my butt suffer, but so does my dog. I have gotten SO lazy, and I think-- or, am blaming, at least-- the recent unbearable heat. I'm hoping the cooler weather will inspire me to get out and jog in the mornings.

  2. Those are too funny and sound quite familiar. What makes my excuses even worse are that the gym is literally in my community...maybe 2 blocks away. After I have my baby in 2 months, NO MORE EXCUSES! Good luck with your healthy quest!

  3. Oh my gosh I feel like you are in my own head with your excuses!! I repeat those over and over to myself. My favorite is, "I'm too out of shape right now and I'm going to be so tired after I work out"- WHAT? Isn't that the point? How do I expect to get in shape? haha

  4. Haha "I don't have matching socks" that is the best excuse ever!!! Mine is " it is raining" or "It looks like it is going to rain"... they count right?

  5. I think we all go through this...I also have been.working out non stop since septemeber but the excuses...they always come up...I haven't stopped but definitely cut down.on's to working out more

  6. I am in the same boat as you! I went to Cancun for a week and when I got home all motivation was gone. Cheers to getting back on track!

  7. I could probably add 30 excuses to that list. That's how bad I am. But no more!

  8. OMG I LOVE THIS POST! Becuase its me to the T!! I make excuses all the time and they are the exact same as yours! Ive even made the "I need to spend time with the dogs because they are alone all day excuse! GET OUT OF TOWN!!! hahah!! Not anymore though!

    Thanks for linking up!! Cant wait to read your post next week!!


  9. I just signed up for a gym membership yesterday! Haven't reached this point yet. My excuses for taking a month to sign up was wanting a cheaper deal. "No, we can't go sign up for a gym yet. We have to wait until my aunt gets a coupon in the mail!" Seriously, $30/Month is ridiculous. Especially when the place is awful. But I ended up getting one for $25/Month for two people, so it's all good. :]

  10. I feel like a walking excuse!!! Great post. Thank you for your sweet comments, we CAN do this!! And I am following you right back!

    xoxo, bree

  11. "My workout clothes are ugly." This is so me! Even if I'm wearing my best LuLuLemon, then it's my yoga pants are to tight and people will notice. Lemon water changed my life-- hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Stephanie, your newest follower @

  12. perfect list! right there with you except for having a dirty sports bra. They're never dirty because they aren't being used!!!! :) Thanks for the follow! You are so cute!

  13. I'm pretty sure I've came up with 75% of your excuses as well, you're not alone. Gym, here we come. {for real this time} haha

    Brittney @ The Sweet Life

  14. hehe I love your excuses, I so have used all of them

  15. I do the same thing at times! One thing that really helps me and I'm sure annoys the heck out of other people is constantly facebooking, tweeting, and insta-gramming my workouts. I feel like people will come to expect it and hold me accountable.

  16. Hahaha!! Loved this. I'm so bad about making excuses. I definitely use the "my sports bras are dirty" excuse way too often! Hello, time to invest in new sports bras, Kristen.

  17. Yep, yep, and yep.
    My current is "The class I like isn't on the schedule. Now I can't do ANYTHING".

  18. I'm cracking up reading your list...because I think I've used everyone of those excuses. Most recently: "Well the cardio class I want to do isn't until 7 and I want to do yoga at 8 but 7 is too late...I wish there was a yoga class at 7..." which somehow translates into doing NOTHING.

    I'm kicking my list to excuses out next week now realizing how ridiculous I sound! :)

    Happy almost Friday!

  19. Why is getting motivated to work out so hard?!?!?! I have no motivation what so ever. I'd rather gain 5 lbs than go work out. How sad is that! It's far time I do something now before it really shows. Uggg.

  20. BWahaha! You reeled me in with your title!!

    Looking forward to following your adventures girl!

    Kristine from TheFoleyFam - Unedited

  21. I think I have used all of these excuses! Good luck on getting your bootay off to the gym this week!

  22. I can definitely relate! I went a few times before we got married...haven't been since :(


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