June 19, 2012

Girl Talk Tuesday!

Via Google
How many of you have been watching My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding? Oh come on, admit it you're watching it! If you're not you need to. 

Reason #1

This was a full on B#$*% Fight outside the county courthouse, Real Classy! Via
Reason #2
This is at a baby shower, WHAT?!?!?!?
Reason #3
Seriously people this girl is 14!! I feel dirty even looking at her, PS that's her mom in the backgorund!Via
Reason #4
Yes, that's 5 year old girls dressing and acting like miniature prostitutes!
Need I say more, just watch it!

In other news that isn't quite as Trashy, we have the Bachelorette to talk about!

Episode 6: Croatia

There were 2 1-on-1 dates, No Name Travis and Douchey McDooferson Ryan.  Both are sent home on their dates.  PS  - was anyone counting how many times Ryan said "Trophy Wife" on his date?  Apparently Emily doesn't think being called a Trophy Wife is a compliment...

Group Date:  All the guys have to wear skirts, ride donkeys and participate in some random outdoor gaming.  The loser that got last in everything gets the "Brave" cup and the rose.

She looks like a doll compared to all these men! Via
Row Row Row your boat, Gently Down the Stream....... Via
The only other thing worth mentioning is all the damn sparkle outfits Emily is wearing.  Remember when I was talking about it here

We all get it Emily, you like sparkles - layoff for a second and give some of the glitter back to the Gypsy's I heard they are running low on glitter since you started filming!

She wears this:
And This...

And This...

And This...

And This...

And This...

The list could go on and on and on!  Am I the only one that is noticing this trend or am I just being way too judgemental?

What do you think about My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding?  Are you getting tired of Emily's Sparkly Fashion or do you like it??  Also, who do you think she is going to pick???


  1. Ha ha, the gypsy wedding photos just gave me a laughter fix for the day. I watched my first episode on the weekend and couldn't believe how these people behaved. It was shockingly terrible, yet I'm addicted after only one episode!

    <3 Jenny

  2. So glad they made you laugh! It's pretty embarrassing, but that show is seriously addicting!

  3. Omg I saw that episode with the gypsys. It's unbelievable!



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